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Former NYC Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta (far left) Helga Dierks (left of John) 
John Dierks (center) 
Project Manager George Strunck (right of John)  

Henry Dierks loved America and was proud to have served his country. He often said that America gave him the opportunity to be successful. It was this sense of patriotism that was passed on to his family, and allowed us to give back after 9/11.


Engine 10 Ladder 10 (Tenhouse) was located across the street from where the World Trade Center once proudly stood. It was severely damaged on that fateful day, and required major renovations. As Americans, we felt obligated to do something for the brave men and women of the FDNY. As a result, we coordinated with our subcontractors and vendors to install a new HVAC system at no cost.


At the time there were bumper stickers that read:


                         “Some Gave All,

                          All Gave Some.”


This project was our way of giving “Some.”

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