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Our History

Dierks Heating has been doing it right since 1917!

Dierks Heating Company Inc. was founded in 1917 by Johannes August Dierkes (John Dierks) after he emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1905. Prior to starting the company he spent time in Alaska searching for gold. Upon his return to New York in 1909 he joined the plumbers and boiler makers union and gained experience working for another company. Johannes also founded Jade Heating Materials Supply Inc. which was an affiliate of Dierks Heating Company. 

Dierks Heating Company was originally located in Manhattan but relocated to our current location in Long Island City in 1937
Johannes August Dierkes
(John Dierks)

In 1952, Johannes’ nephew Henry Dierks emigrated to the United States from Germany and began working at Dierks Heating Company. Henry did not speak any English and so his first job was cleaning and sweeping. Determined to do better, he attended night school to improve his English. In 1953, Henry was drafted by the US Army and proudly served his country as a US citizen until he received an honorable discharge. When he returned home, Henry worked hard and eventually ran the company warehouse. After successfully running the warehouse for a few years he began working in the office learning estimating and all other aspects of the business. Henry Dierks took over the company in 1961.


Henry took the company in a new direction by focusing more on public works projects. As the company grew so did its reputation. Henry Dierks made sure that as a family business all employees would be treated like family.

Henry believed that it was important to understand all facets of the business, and this belief was ingrained in his son John. John began his career at Dierks Heating Company in his early teens. Like his father before him, John began at the bottom counting fittings, sweeping, cleaning, and making deliveries. John soon worked his way up and began estimating and managing projects. In 1998, John and Henry’s wife (John’s mother) Helga took over the company. 


John is very involved in the industry by being active in several associations and serving on multiple committees. John is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Subcontractors Trade Association.

Henry T. Dierks (Left)

Today, Dierks Heating Company is one of the oldest family owned and operated union contractors in New York. We continue to abide by the same family values instilled in us by Henry Dierks. A favorite saying of Henry Dierks’ was “The bitterness of low quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price has passed”-Benjamin Franklin. This saying is engraved on a plaque, and hangs in the office of John Dierks who is personally involved in every project. We pride ourselves on doing quality work at a fair price and we have been doing so for almost 100 years.

John H. Dierks
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